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Managing Chaos: Tools to Set Priorities and Make Decisions Under Pressure


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How to manage more effectively in a constantly changing environment.
Designed, created, and delivered by our partner, the American Management Association.

Duration: 2 days (Live In-Person) or four 3-hour lessons (Live Online)  |  CEU: 1.2

Learn to transform unproductive confusion and disorder into controllable challenges. This seminar equips you with fast, effective tools to plan your day and adjust to shifting priorities and demands—with less stress and greater clarity. You'll leave knowing how to apply the appropriate techniques to alleviate, clarify and eliminate chaos within your control.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Reduce, clarify and eliminate chaos within your control
  • Identify, analyze and determine priority of your workday
  • Use a daily action plan to allocate time and energy
  • Remain focused and act more decisively when priorities shift
  • Become more assertive and strategic in your communication
  • Manage interruptions and conflicts with greater ease
  • Utilize the right tools to balance and manage tough choices

What You Will Cover:

Define Chaos within Your Control
  • Identifying sources of workplace chaos
  • Understanding organizational challenges on managers and employees
  • Assessing the impact your decisions have on key stakeholders
Thinking and Decision Making
  • Identifying the real/root cause of a problem or Issue
  • Generating multiple, creative ideas quickly
  • Organizing ideas in order to firmly grasp critical components of a problem
  • Applying one identification tool for analysis
  • Tools: Fishbone, mind maps, affinity diagrams
Priority Planning
  • SWOT analysis: determining priorities
  • GAP analysis: assessing the current situation vs. the desired outcome
  • Risk analysis: evaluating impact and related risks
  • Priority matrix: using importance and urgency model to determine and validate priorities
Plan Daily Work
  • Daily action plan: allocating time and energy for the most important priorities
  • Time estimate: accurately estimating how long it takes to complete your critical tasks
  • Interruption log: identifying “necessary” vs. “unnecessary” interruptions
Assertive Communication
  • Understanding assertive vs. strategic communication under pressure
  • Responding assertively and strategically when managing shifting priorities, interruptions and conflict
  • Developing an “I” statement to use when provoked or presented with a difficult situation
Action Plan
  • Identifying and applying one or two tools most applicable to managing your workplace chaos

Who Should Attend:

Anyone facing shifting priorities, expanding workloads, tight deadlines, organizational restructuring, multiple projects and increased uncertainty.

Length of Training:

2 Days (Live In-Person) or four 3-hour lessons (Live Online)



Live In-Person 2 Days
Live Online Four 3-hour sessions

AMA Workshop Tuition:

1-4 People $1795 each
5+ People $1700 each

Please call 1-888-669-1776 for GSA or AMA member pricing.

Continuing Education Credits:

1.2 CEU

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