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The Speed of Trust On Demand


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The Speed of Trust On Demand program, based on Stephen M.R. Covey’s book, The Speed of Trust, focuses upon a vital issue in our society and organizations—TRUST.  This program is delivered through three, 60-minute On Demand modules.  It introduces the principles and behaviors necessary to increase your personal credibility, resolve conflicts, improve relationships with others, leverage trust within your team, and extend trust to others.

Duration: 3 hours   |  Format: Online Interactive

Why Trust?

A simple, often-overlooked fact in today’s organizations is this: Work gets done with and through people.  Nothing influences people, their work, their performance, and their relationships more than trust.  Trust—or its absence—affects everything.

When trust is low, individuals often become frustrated, guarded, disengaged, and suspicious of others’ motives.  As a result, productivity slows to a crawl and the costs of getting things done increase.  When trust is high, communication, creativity, engagement, and results improve. Productivity speeds up, and costs decrease as we redirect our attention toward objectives..

The Speed of Trust On Demand program consists of three self-paced modules:  Self Trust, Relationship Trust, and Organizational Trust. These modules will help you: 

  • Increase your personal credibility
  • Resolve conflicts and improve relationships with others
  • Leverage trust within your team/organization

The Speed of Trust On Demand program is ideal for individuals who want an introduction to the Speed of Trust content or for those wanting a refresher in the content.

Length of Training:

3 hours


  • A downloadable participant guide for each module
  • Trust Action Plan (TAP)
  • Trust action cards
  • Weekly Trust Huddle Leader Guide

Note:  You may want to consider these options:

What You Receive:

  • 90 days of access to the package
  • A comprehensive downloadable toolkit
  • Money-back Guarantee

Additional Information

Training Format On Demand
Date No
Location Online On Demand
Subscription Length 90

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